Top Tips for Renting a car in Morocco

1. Read reviews and inspect your car and contract

Renting a car in Morocco can be highly competitive, with numerous companies vying for customers. To make the best choice, it’s vital to consider the reviews of previous renters.

Once you’ve made your decision, don’t forget to carefully review the contract to see what’s included. Keep an eye out for extra cleaning fees, as you won’t have to pay them if they’re not mentioned in the contract.  

Before embarking on your journey, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the rental car when picking it up in Morocco. Take a walk around the vehicle and document any existing damages by recording a video. It is common for rental cars in Morocco to have minor scratches. To avoid being charged for these damages upon returning the car, it is essential to have evidence. Similarly, inspect the interior of the car and ensure it is in good condition. Additionally, verify that the fuel tank is full before starting your trip.

2. English is not widely spoken

It’s important to note that English is not widely spoken in Morocco, especially when dealing with rental car companies or encountering any issues on the road. In such situations, it is beneficial to have some knowledge of French or Arabic, as it can make communication easier. While it may require patience, effective communication is still possible.

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they offer the convenience of free cancellation and include insurance coverage in their rental packages. 

Looking for car rentals in Marrakech

When driving in Morocco, you’ll find that most road signs closely resemble those in Europe. Although they are primarily written in Arabic and French, important markers typically include an English translation. In cases where translations are not available, the signs often use images that convey their meaning, making them understandable to most drivers.

Tip: Moroccan road police are friendly and helpful to foreign tourists. Don’t hesitate to approach them if you need assistance.

Renting a Car in Morocco in 2023: All you need to know 

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How much does a car rental cost ?

Rental cars in Morocco are usually quite affordable, especially if you’re traveling with someone else or a group and split the price. You can expect the rental car to cost between 25 and 50 USD a day. The price will depend on the company you decide to rent from and the model of the car. If you decide to rent an automatic car, which is an option in Morocco, be prepared to pay a bit more. A manual car is typically the most affordable option.

Where do I rent a car in Morocco? 

In Morocco, you have the option to rent a car through various agencies, both large and small. Major international car rental agencies can be found in major cities and airports like Tangier or Marrakech.

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